Friday, November 12, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

So, I was going to wait until Monday for a new blog post, but I thought I would be good and stick to my Monday through Friday goal!

T and I just purchased a new townhouse about a month ago, and I thought I would share my top 5 favorite things that we've added so far!

#5  Energy Star Washer and Dryer:  I never thought I would be putting this in my top 5, but they are seriously awesome!  They are quiet, use SO much less water and it plays a song when it's finished, and this is not an exaggeration - it's probably goes on for at least 15 seconds which I love.  What's better than an appliance that sings to you when you've accomplished a much dreaded chore.  Now if only I can get Thomas to serenade me every time I get done unloading the dishwasher - probably my least favorite thing to do.

#4  Dyson Vacuum:  This one may seem lame too, but I'm in love with it.  Probably the hardest adjustment to moving in with T thus far has been dog hair (I guess this is a good sign).  I mean I really truly love his dog Gnarls, but I also really hate dog hair...I mean LOATHE.  So I've become a little OCD about using the vacuum and the pet hair roller.  Oh, and Gnarls isn't allowed on the 3rd floor...I know I'm a mean mom.  I declared this rule since I'm the official vacuumer of the house.

#3  Target pillows:  So they were a little pricey, BUT I always feel ok buying overpriced merchandise as long as it's at Target - a "discount" store.  I'm beginning to think it's the exact opposite of a "discount" store because every time I go there I over spend on things I don't even remotely vases when we don't even have a table to eat on...see #2

#2 Target Vases...noticing a trend?  They were on clearance, so it's justified...or at least that was my argument to Thomas...  When he was watching me write this, his comment was, "You took this picture, and the vases were the favorite thing?".  Thomas has fallen in love with HD.

#1  Volcano Candle:  This is seriously the best smelling candle EVER.  I bought it at Francesca's, and it was worth every penny!  Plus it's huge, so it will keep the house smelling yummy for a long time!

Oh, and I love my Target doormat!  Looks like I have an addiction...denial is the first step to recovery!

Here are a few pictures of the rooms we have started to decorate.  We're going for a yellow/grey theme in our living area!


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