Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Furniture Diaries

Since I'll be doing furniture shopping for the next who knows how long to fill up our empty house, I figured I would share some of my findings along the way.  These are some fun pieces my Mom and I found while shopping at the furniture outlet stores in Hickory, NC.

I loved this headboard.  I really love all fabric headboards...especially the tufted ones.  T thinks they're girly, so I have from now until May to convince him otherwise.

I'm always drawn to fun fabric accent chairs, and I thought this one was especially cute.

  I liked this fabric too...

Here is a fun piece that my Mom found.  We thought it would be great for an office to place books, vases, frames, etc.  T loved this too.

I want these two for a guest room...

I want this for my desk...

This for our master...even though I know T would be swapping the mirror for a TV.

This was probably my favorite piece that I found.  It's a cute little bar, but I think it would make an adorable night stand too!

We did much more looking than we did buying, but I'll post the pictures of the table and chairs we bought soon!  T has to pick them up this weekend when he's up that way snowboarding since they were too big for the Jeep.

In other news I think the Christmas tree is responsible for this awful cold/sinus infection that I have.  I spent most of yesterday in bed with this cutie pie...which made me put off decorating for another day...

Unfortunately, our neighbors are seriously on top of their Christmas decorating, and it's making me feel self conscious about the pumpkin on our front porch.  I'll probably need to do something about that this week...

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