Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The things they don't teach you in Business School

Happy Tuesday!  In honor of my least favorite day of the work week (ugh), I figured I would give you guys a glimpse into my office.  I've been working in the corporate world for a little over a year now, and it has been quite an experience. 

My new favorite show is The Office, and it's probably because I'm living it.  We have a Dwight, Angela, Andy, Creed, Oscar, Phyllis, Stanley and even a Michael Scott (not so much the names as much as the characters).  We recently had an e-mail sent out with the title, "General Office Items", and the items noted must be the things they didn't teach us in Business School... (these are just a few of the MANY bullet points in the e-mail, and yes, they are word for word).

1.  Fish/shell fish items are prohibited - if you need to heat them up in the microwave.  The smell is too  overwhelming for the office.  Please do not bring these items for your lunch or dinner.
I guess we're allowed to bring them in for other things other than the microwave?  Maybe I'll bring in a pet Betta fish...

2.  Remember to turn the toaster off by turning all the dials to off.

Really?  Because I thought you just had to unplug it every time...

3.  If you drop a portion of your lunch on the floor on a chair, table, etc. please pick it up.

It's sad enough that this had to me mentioned in an office e-mail - even more sad that floor, chair, table, etc. had to be specified...

4.  Space heaters are not allowed in this building.  Please dress accordingly if you are cold.  Unauthorized space heaters will need to be removed.

I wonder if parkas fall under the "accordingly" category? ...maybe if they didn't keep our office at 47 degrees below zero space heaters would never have to be addressed.  I'm bitter about the whole space heater thing...

5.  Flush the toilet after use – they are not automatic.

Yes, this e-mail went out to employees - some who have been working for 35+ years...

6.  The carpet is still new so please clean up spills.

I guess they'll send out a follow up e-mail when it's no longer considered new...

I'm sure some of you can relate.  I think I may start sending in ideas to NBC for new Office episodes.  I used to think that the show was a gross exaggeration of office humor, but I stand corrected, it is SPOT ON.

I wanted to take a minute to wish my brother, Dalton, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  He turns 22 today, and I am so proud of him!  He is currently a Senior at Mars Hill College majoring in Education.  Somehow he has been able to maintain straight A's and have a successful college baseball career too!  Oh, and manage an indoor baseball facility and give lessons - pretty impressive, I know!  Have a great day, D - I LOVE YOU!

At least I'm taking Friday off, so this is technically my Wednesday which makes it so more bearable.  And maybe this means that maybe, just maybe, there will be an "after" picture of that desk I showed you! 



  1. Hahaha you're funny girl!! Ran into your blog via Facebook. I'll be adding it to my supposed-to-be-daily-but-more-often-monthly blog reads. :)

  2. If you go see the puppy, you will get the puppy. That precious little face will get big, too - reference the same breed on your walk/run route! Merina had her TINY 2 lb beagle/feist puppy here yesterday and I was snuggling with her and showing her off to Dr Lonas. He said you are such a softie to which I replied, "maybe so - the only difference now is I have NO desire to take this sweet little baby home!" I think that's a sign...


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