Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You know why I hate school...

This past weekend when I was babysitting my FAVORITE kids in the world - Madeline, Charlie and Caroline Ross, Caroline made a profound statement that I could really relate to.  It started off with, "Ms. Kathryn, you know why I really hate school?...because it wastes all of my play time".  Except for insert the word work in place of the word school.  She was so matter of fact about it, and that's why I love her!  And kids in general. 

Do you all ever feel like all of your 40 (or how ever many) hours a week at work are completely uninspiring and passionless?  I guess that's why they call it a "grind", but geez I have got to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!  I'm VERY thankful that I have a job, but I do slightly resent it for wasting all my play time.  I guess I'm just having one of those weeks.  Nothing a few days in Boone and a little turkey can't fix.

Maybe Caroline and I should quit work and school and patent her latest invention.  I came over to visit with them one day a few weeks ago and she had her sweatshirt on backwards with the hood awkwardly bunched up under her chin.  This came as no surprise to me due to the fact that Caroline has quite a unique fashion sense about her usually consisting of some sort of swim wear, knee socks and 1,765,432 silly bands.  I asked her what the inspiration was behind her new look to which she replied, "goldfish".  I wasn't quite putting two and two together, so she did the famous Caroline eye roll and pulled out her hood that was FILLED with goldfish.  She then explained that it was much more convenient for watching Disney Channel on the couch.  I mean who wants to bother with bowls and crumbs all over the place???

All the girl needs is a little more play time and to be able to wear her sweatshirt backwards for optimal goldfish consumption.  Gotta love her!

Boy do I miss being a nanny!

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  1. I miss being a nanny too Kat! It was the best job ever!!!


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