Friday, December 10, 2010

The day has come!

This was my Thursday night...

And I loved every minute of it!  We are sending out a holiday card/save the date this year (I'm a two birds one stone kind of girl), and I have been so looking forward to it because I have dreamed of the day I would get to send out a holiday card.  This may seem strange, but there is something that I love about snail mail.  I love prepping it, giving it, receiving it and displaying it!  Mix that with the holidays, decorative return labels and Christmas stamps, and I'm a happy girl.  I could look at holiday cards for hours - I love all the fonts, colors, textures and precious little families.  I've usually had to live vicariously through the families I babysit for and all the cute cards they receive, but I'm proud to say that T and I have received two this year so far!  They are going to go either on the fridge or the pantry door this year until I start receiving enough to justify getting one of those cute card displays (that I so badly want).  

I may have a knotted up hand, paper cuts and dry mouth, but it was SO worth it.  

I'll post a picture of our card, once I know all of our friends and family have received theirs!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!    

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