Thursday, December 23, 2010

Here's to a new tradition

Tonight T and I will start a new holiday tradition (this was actually last night since I wrote the post for today yesterday after I got home from work...sorry felt the need to disclose that for some reason).  He doesn't know it yet, but I have no doubt that his spontaneous self will be all for it.  I'm going to take our procrastination and make a fun tradition out of it.  I may need a glass of wine before we embark on this new tradition...if so, so be it.  My inspiration...T still having not even begun his Christmas shopping.  Therefore, my plans are to kick the night off with a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks to really get the adrenaline rushing.  Then we will embrace the mall and all of it's last-minute-shoppers, deal addicts and frazzled feliz navidaders and finish our Christmas shopping!  Then we will head to Target in search of the most fabulous wrapping paper for our wrapping party that T also doesn't know about and spend the rest of the night getting our presents ready to go under the tree (and act as a substitute tree skirt for the god awful set up we currently have).  Who am I kidding, I'll be totally responsible for this particular part of the night, but I am confident that T and Gnarly will provide great company and keep the hot chocolate and chex mix flowing.  

I've caught myself dreading certain aspect of the holidays this year; even being a little Grinchy at times.  I've been complaining about the insane malls, the hard to buy for people and the last minute list of to do's, but tonight we're going to kick our Christmas spirit into overdrive and enjoy all the joy this time of year has to offer.  I'm so lucky to have numerous friends and family to buy for, parties to attend and goodies to make, and so I'm vowing to not let the holidays become stressful anymore but to embrace all of it's madness since it only comes once a year.  I think my attitude shifted today when I was at work.  This is the first year that I have worked right up to the holidays, and it's amazing how this time of year seems to brighten everyone's spirits.  The workplace has been down right pleasant, and so I tried to soak up every minute of cheer, Christmas small talk and speculations of a white 25th today.  And tonight, I plan to suck T into my recent Christmas spell too!  It may be risky performing this experiment at the mall, but I'm taking it!  

I'm hoping that every year we will save a few people to buy for, so that we can head to the mall at the very last minute (I'd say December 22nd is doing pretty good) and soak up the rush of the countdown til the big 2-5.  The traffic swarm around Crabtree will allow us to listen to extra Christmas music, lines will force us in our boredom to enjoy all the Christmas decorations and the wrapping party will give us some one on one time to count all our many blessing of friends, family and future traditions together!        

Or our exhaustion and impatience could turn this night into a total disaster, but I'm putting my chips on the former. 

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