Friday, December 31, 2010

I couldn't help myself...

So, yesterday I was feeling extra feisty and maybe a little bit fresh. Could have been the pms or because everything seemed to be going it always does with pms. Whatever it was, if Tuesday equaled the planets being aligned, Thursday equaled total chaos in the universe. And a certain restaurant reaped the wrath of Kathryn because of it. When I got home I immediately addressed the anonymous letter I had written so that I wouldn't change my mind about mailing it, put a holiday stamp on it since I was starting to feel a bit of guilt and left it with T to mail while I went to babysit. And here is the letter...I left out the name of the restaurant as to not incur any slander lawsuits. That would not be a good start to 2011. It may seem paranoid, but that's just the way my crazy mind thinks.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m not one to write letters to establishments because of poor customer service, but as a supporter of local businesses I feel that after a second bad experience at XXXXX, this letter was warranted.  Not to mention I’ve heard a lot of my other coworkers complain about how they were treated there as well.  I work downtown, and XXXXX is very convenient for me, but after these less than pleasant visits, I will not be coming back regardless of the easy access.

My first experience (and both of these were interactions with the same person who I believe to be the owner), was when I requested my sandwich that I paid upwards of $8 dollars for to be toasted.  The employee was making the sandwich, and I kindly asked him to toast it, to which he replied, “You’ll just have to ask earlier next time, I would have to take the entire sandwich apart to toast it”.  First of all if I’m paying $8 for a sandwich, I don’t care if every ingredient in the restaurant is already on it, I should be able to leave there with it toasted.  Second of all there was only ham and cheese on it, it hadn’t even been packaged and the restaurant was completely dead, so the response was entirely inexcusable and was just plain lazy.  I made a conscious decision to only come back as a last resort, but that I would just let this one slide.

The next time I came in, I ordered the same ham and cheese sandwich on a baguette, and the same employee was helping a girl who was apparently being trained at the register.  She, thinking logically, said, “Do I have to charge her 50 cents extra for the baguette since she’s getting the sandwich plain?”.  The other employee said, yes, which was fine, but I could tell even the girl was surprised by the response.  I mean it’s 50 cents for crying out loud.  I get the feeling that the employee that I’ve had these experiences with is offended because I don’t order the sandwich as is, when in reality he should be thanking me because I’m paying the same amount plus 50 cents for half the ingredients that normally come on it.  I then finished placing my order, and she gave me the total which was just under $8.  The employee asked her right in front of me, “Are you sure you charged her an extra 50 cents for the baguette?…are you sure you charged her for the sweet tea?”.  As if the already overpriced combo wasn’t enough.  Again, the new girl was noticeably uncomfortable and embarrassed with the remarks.  The situation was just down right rude and inconsiderate, and I kicked myself all the way back to work for giving you all my $8.  I won’t make this mistake again.  

What’s the saying?  A customer will tell 2 people about a good experience at a restaurant but 10 people about a bad experience?  I would have to say that this is an understatement…especially in my case.  You would think this employee who was training the new girl would focus on teaching her to put the customer first and not how to nickel and dime wherever possible…especially at the register while ringing someone up.  If you want to have a successful business, especially in these hard economic times, I would suggest reevaluating your priorities and taking a stab at making the customers feel appreciated.  I guess for now I’ll just have to go to Burger King to “Have it my way”.    

Yes.  I really mailed this.  And in retrospect it may have been a little harsh.  Your thoughts???  But at least the letter was expletive free even though it might have been not-so-constructive-of-criticism.  Just felt like I needed to do a little confessing on this Friday morning.

I hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  1. Remind me not to make you mad (twice!) :)

    And T - remember our Casa Rustica talk??? :)

    Happy New Year to you!!!


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