Friday, December 3, 2010

The little things

By the end of the work day yesterday, T and I were worn out and anxiously awaiting the weekend.  And my Christmas spirit had finally arrived!  When T got home, the fire was on...

the lights were ready to be strung...

a few Christmas do-dads were up...

I had a Winter beer ready...

and the chex mix was out.

I had Christmas music on, the house was clean and I was prepared to convince T there was going to be NO TV, only Christmas tree decorating and quality time with each other and our puppy!  He of course obliged, and I'll post pictures next week of the decorating results (including my berry wreath project!).

Life can get so crazy, especially this time of year, and time just seems to fly by.  I find myself already feeling hints of depression about the holidays being over when Thanksgiving passes, even though I'm well aware that I still have Christmas and New Years ahead.  I'm really bad for focusing on the future and not enjoying the present, and it's something that I have to always remind myself of.  T is so good about not worrying about plans and schedules (sometimes to a fault when it comes to things like our guest list and wedding registry) and living in the moment, and he's teaching me to be better about it.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things!

We definitely did last night, and I hope you all soak in every bit of the holiday season with your friends and family too!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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