Monday, December 13, 2010

More Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday!  Ugh is the first word that comes to my mind.

T and I had a fun but busy weekend, which I'm sure was the case for you all being that it is Christmas time and the shopping madness is in full force.  And I still haven't even started my Christmas shopping by the way, so I guess I can't blame it on that.  I have been very productive with wedding planning lately though, which is a plus!  And I guess when you get caught up in one aspect of life, you get a little "weeded" in others...

Let's just say we have been saving a lot of money on water and laundry detergent lately.

And let me note a few observations I've made from these pictures.
  • Yes, I fold my clothes sitting on the floor right beside my washer and dryer.  Is that normal?  T seems to think it's a little strange.
  • Gnarly was nervous that all this folding meant that we were about to leave for a trip...proof that I need to do laundry more often.
  • From the looks of all these dark clothes piles, T and I need to start branching out when it comes to color selection in  our wardrobes.
  • Non-furnished rooms can be very convenient - they can be great for harboring dirty laundry, and I much prefer vacuuming empty rooms to furnished ones.
  • T is nowhere to be found.
So Friday night I started on my quest for clean clothes, and I was finished by early Saturday afternoon.  I even remember moving a load of towels to the dryer at 3 AM Saturday morning when I had gotten up to get a glass of water.  My inner OCD strikes again.  But really, what's worse than a load full of musty smelling towels that have been left in the washer too long?

We met with our DJ at Starbucks on Friday night, and made a music outline for our big day!  It was so much fun, and he is going to throw a great party.  T said it was the least painful wedding meeting thus far.  I would have to agree.  It was only half an hour long, no deposit or contract was involved and he gave us each a new CD.

Saturday I cleaned the house like a "mad woman" apparently from T's conversation with my Mom.  T and my Mom were texting during the Appalachian game where he made this reference.  My Mom told me that she replied with, "just be sure to keep your things picked up and ALWAYS wipe down the counters".  And this is one of the many reasons why I love her.  We also had our dear friends, Kara and Dave, and their precious 9-month old son, Krewson, over for spaghetti that night and had a lovely time with them as usual.  If my kids are half as cute as their little one, I'll be happy.  Gnarly also enjoyed the company - having a little one to drop food on the floor and provide a tasty little face to lick was a plus in his book.  He was so sweet with little Krewson which was great to see!

Sunday we headed to Hillsborough for the Ward Family Thanksmas, as Thomas' cousin, Ruth, calls it.  We all had the best time with lots of laughs, embarrassing stories and delicious casseroles!  It was the first time I have met any of Thomas' extended family, and they kept checking with me throughout the afternoon to see if I still wanted to go forward with the wedding after meeting them which was so cute.  They were a blast, and it made me even more excited about marrying into the Ward family!    

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. We had a great time at dinner! Thanks for the yummy spaghetti. :) (And you really didn't need to go on a crazy cleaning spree. Although I do the same thing every time I know someone's coming over for the first time.)


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