Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pigs are flying, hell has frozen over...

and T has finished his half of the guest list!  

Said guest list has been quite the bone of contention with T and I over the past few months, but the last of the save the dates will be mailed out tomorrow and my nagging days are over (who am I kidding - they're over for the month...if that).  T even offered to address and mail the envelopes, but my inner control freak (I promise I don't have a personality disorder - just a few "tendencies") quickly replied with a, "NO, that won't be necessary".  To be honest, I do not want my decorative return label to be associated with his handwriting - it's awful).   

What grooms-to-be don't understand is that some aspects of wedding planning are fun, but a lot of them are just plain stressful - so we nag because we have to not because we want to.

I had lunch with my dear friend, Maggie, yesterday (who is getting married at the end of April), and we spent the hour eating subs and sun chips (diet cokeLESS - she's trying to quit too), commiserating about the stresses of wedding planning and comparing our progress.  We try to meet for lunch at least once every other week to help keep each other sane. 

At the end of the hour we came to the conclusion that regardless of the fact that our fiances may be the world's worst procrastinators, our to do lists are growing by the minute and it is inevitable that we will upset at least a handful of friends and/or family members throughout the process, we have found the love of our lives, and we have a lifetime of happiness with them ahead of us!  Really what do we have to complain about???  Absolutely nothing.  I love having such a great friend to go through this crazy process with - it really helps keep me grounded, and I am so thankful for her.

We made a pact to quit stressing and start soaking up every minute of this once in a lifetime experience.  So, I'm going to try to keep the nagging to a minimum and hope typing this sentence will help keep me accountable. 

Oh, and just a little side note (in honor of today being trash day), T had to break it to me gently a few days ago and let me know that our trash man left 2 of the bags of trash behind to spite us.  Or just because we had exceeded the bin limit, and he couldn't possibly have fit 2 more bags of trash in his truck (I'm hoping this is the reason).  I'm so embarassed.  I knew we had crossed a line.




  1. The dump knows no limit! That can be a positive - no, actually, it's not. It's just another reason to procrastinate!

    And I don't know about hell, but God's country most certainly has frozen over! Brrrrrrr!

  2. Keep remembering..your wedding day will be amazing regardless of all the things you get done or don't get done. Enjoy the process. Friends and family will have a blast seeing you two begin the rest of your lives together. And when the day is over...you will be Mrs. Thomas Ward!!


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