Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pink & Princesses

I'm writing this blog post after putting my two sweet little Brady girls down for bed.  I'm so glad my big girl job still allows for a little babysitting every now and then.  I babysit for the most wonderful families, and I love their kids like they're my own.

I always thought I wanted all boys.  Mainly to cut down on all the drama and attitude that comes along with girls, but babysitting for this particular family has changed my mind completely.  I just love all of the pink, and princesses and preciousness that comes along with little girls!  It's so fun to just sit around with these two little girls and talk nothing but GIRL.  

Tonight we just sat on the couch huddled under big, fluffy blankets and watched Charlie Brown Christmas.  Laughing and cuddling and being silly.  And hanging out with them really makes me want girls!  For some reason all I can think about lately is having a little girl with T (even though T constantly reminds me that this day is years away).  I think it has to do with the fact that women now have kids so much later in life because school and a career are first in line, but this hasn't always been the case.  Therefore, I'm not crazy to be dreaming about having a little girl at age 23, am I?

Don't worry, T and I will be waiting many years to have kids.  Mainly because we want to take time for ourselves and enjoy things like traveling, having just us time and being able to do everyday activities such as going to the grocery store without having to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

But regardless of this "time line", all I could think about last night was starting a family with the love of my life.  And pink and princesses and that precious little brown-haired, blue-eyed girl that I keep picturing.


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  1. Babysitting is such a blessing! Talk about real-life training :) Such a cute story!


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