Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Defining moments

While exploring the blog world, I have stumbled across some remarkable women.  Strong, talented determined women. 

Resilient women facing unimaginable circumstances.  Inventive women who sacrificed their career to stay at home and raise their children, found their true passion at home and turned that passion into a career.  Women who have touched millions of lives with their stories of inspiration and hope.  Women who have turned a devastating moment into a defining one, giving that moment wings to fly out into the world and change lives. 

And I continue to be amazed.  As women, we are often quick to judge and tempted to wear an I'm-perfect-and-free-of-struggle hat.  Aiming to live up to an unhealthy standard of what our lives should be like.  Immaculate homes, perfectly manicured lawns...and fingers and toes, designer outfits, lucrative jobs, new cars and flawless relationships. 

That's why my hat is off to those that are not afraid to share struggles.  To exude honesty and humility with the hope that someone will be able to relate.  Because the truth is, we are all struggling; we will all be faced with a defining moment that will either kill us or make us stronger.  We are all one second away from our lives being changed forever.  I'm so blessed to have come across so many inspirational blogs of women who are making such a difference in this cruel and seemingly unfair at times world.

Two blogs in particular have special places in my heart.  This one that was referred to me by a friend, and this one that I found on the the aforementioned blog.  Both of these women are heroes, and their stories are sure to change you.  Or at least they did me. 

So next time I think about complaining, being quick to judge or wearing an I'm-perfect hat, I'm going to make a conscious decision to think about these women and anyone who is in the midst of a challenge and remember what's important in life.  And that is surely not anything to do with homes, cars, hair color, clothes, jewelry and all the other meaningless stuff we fill our lives with.  It's the relationships with those that we love and life's precious moments that we're blessed with. 

A special thank you to all you women who share your stories and do so with honesty and humility.  My heart goes out to you, and I'm so blessed to have been given these new perspectives before entering into such an important chapter in my life.            

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