Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashionably late

My sweet Mom texted me first thing this morning with, "Do you have a blog today?".  She's in Santa Monica, CA with a jam packed work schedule yet still took the time to check my blog.  I just love her, and she has always been me and my brothers' biggest fan.  If I'm half the Mom she is one day, I'll feel like I've succeeded.  Here are a few pictures she sent me from life on the West coast:

The doors at her hotel leading right out to the Pacific Ocean.

And there it is!

I'm a little late with this post because apparently I entered zombie mode last night.  I got home, was exhausted, fell asleep on the couch and didn't recover from said groggy state until this morning.  Basically my body was forcing me to sleep.  And I'm a firm believer in taking signals from your body.  It always knows best.  So last night, I did nothing but relax.  And by relax I mean drift in and out of sleep mumbling a few incoherent words to T every now and then who was furiously honeymoon researching on the couch beside me.

Remember this day?  Well somehow I ended up spending another night in the same mechanic's waiting room again tonight.  Apparently they managed to break my oil pressure gauge, that has since been beeping every minute...literally, since I had the work done.  So after arguing with me about the cause, having the wrong part delivered and trying to con me into spending a small fortune on some type of unnecessary valve, I was home free...almost 2 hours later.  With no more beeping and not having spent a dime.  Yes, I have live and learned.  And applied.

Good thing T had discovered the iPhone game, Words With Friends aka the Scrabble App, so I was able to keep busy finishing up our game that we had been playing all day.  And I'm sad to report...

.....I lost.  To top off the day.  He made a SERIOUS comeback.  I had been in the lead all day.  I have to admit I got a little cocky mid day and made the mistake of making the first 3-letter word that came to mind numerous times.  Oh, and I didn't use cop out words like "ROM" and "DRAM".  Either T has a better vocabulary, or he was cheating by googling ridiculous words to stay alive; I plan to question him on his tactics when he gets home from his meeting tonight.  He was even junk talking me by sending me messages like, "I just 'ruined' your chances", after he raked in an impressive 30 points with the word "RUIN".  Regardless, all you scrabble lovers, this is the app for YOU!

T must have felt bad about beating me because I found this in the fridge when I got home:

He is the master of the little things, and I just love him for that.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be busy reading the dictionary with hopes of perfecting my Scrabble skills for the rematch on Monday.

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