Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funny/heartbreaking story

After T and I finished registering Saturday afternoon, we decided to just "go look" at this puppy. 

Let me give you a little back story.  Last week, T sent me this e-mail:

From: thomas ward [mailto:thomas.c.ward7@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 12:25 PM
To: Hardee, Kathryn (RALEIGH, NC)
Subject: prepare for your heart to melt.
http://www.spcawake.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Adoptable_Dogs    page 4 (tigger)

oh my goodness....ITS GNARLS AS A PUPPY!!! that is him. striping is a little different, but the description is spot on. and its a little girl for you!! CAN WE HAVE HER???

First off, T has a little surfing-the-Internet-while-on-the-job-itis.  And it just so happens that the Wake County SPCA is one of his favorite sites to visit.  One morning I got an e-mail from him at 9:15 (he gets to work at 9) with a link to the Wake County SPCA, and when I replied back saying, "Which one...you sent me a whole list of dogs", he messages back with, "Forget I ever sent it, it's 9:15 and I need to get a hold of myself".  So, he too knows he has a problem.  And it does not bode well for our, "We will only have one dog at a time" pact.  Especially on this particular occasion.

The thing is, our little G-dog is so unique, and I've NEVER seen a dog to look or act like him.  He's a rescue dog, and T adopted him from the SPCA about a year and a half ago before we had met.

I am NOT an animal person at all, but I've completely fallen in love with this little guy.  And when T sent me the girl/puppy version of little G-dog, I caved.  And so we headed to the SPCA to "just look" at the little cutie.  We did, however, wait 4 days before doing so.  We have at least a pinch of will power I promise.

When we got there they were super busy, but after waiting in line for a few minutes we got to the front of the line.  Completely at a loss for words on why we were there since we really didn't need a second dog but were at a pet adoption center all I could say was, "Uhhh...we're here to see Tigger".  To which she replied with, "She's about to go home".  I didn't think a thing of her comment since I just figured she was going home with a foster parent or to some holding center for puppies.  But T immediately gave me the oh-no-my-heart-is-now-broken look.  She then confirmed what T was thinking and told us that Tigger was being adopted, but she had siblings that looked kind of like her left.  But that didn't stop us.  T asked her if she had already been taken home, and if not, if we could go see her.  The poor receptionist with a line out the door gave in and gave us an adoption form to fill out and then gave us a pass to go back with hopes of seeing the little girl before she was taken to her new home.

Once we got back to the puppy room a lady who felt the need to tell us upwards of 17 times that Tigger was FOR SURE going home with a family that wasn't us, pointed us toward the mini Gnarly.  And she was a spitting image of him, personality and all.  She was the cutest little thing I had ever seen, and it took everything inside me not to scoop her up and run for dear life out the emergency exit, hop in my getaway car and never look back.  But I resisted the urge, and it's probably for the better.  We are so glad she's getting a good home, and we really don't need a second dog especially with everything that we have going on right now.  I will say, however, that if she hadn't already been adopted she would be sitting here on my lap right now as I type this.  Sometimes you just have to say adios to your better instincts and just go for it.  And this would have been one of those instances.  On the bright side I'm not cleaning up puppy pee, all my shoes are in tact and I don't feel guilty leaving a baby home while I go to work.

After our hopes and dreams had been shattered in the puppy room, I ran into one of the girls I work with, Linzie, who was volunteering.  She was so sweet to give us a VIP tour and introduce us to all of the sweet doggies and let us play with some.  When we were leaving she insisted that we go with her to the gift shop to see a picture of her puppy that was on display on the t-shirt rack.  And wouldn't you know, as we were entering we see Tigger with her new family checking out with all her new puppy accessories at the register.  And the new parents were all smiley with their arms spilling over with puppy supplies, but we still felt the need to tell them that we have a dog EXACTLY like her who we love so much (aka you just took our dream puppy that we were meant to have).  And I, of course, whipped out my iPhone to show them a picture like any proud parent would.  And in hindsight we realized I showed her the worst picture ever of Gnarly in awful lighting where he looked like a black lab that look nothing liked the puppy they had just adopted, so they probably thought we were crazy puppy snatchers.  Which I very well could have been that day.  They better just hope I don't run into them again, or I might just have to go with my initial plan of scoop, run and never look back.

Happy 1-11-11!

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