Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I just knew the Bachelor was a bad idea last night...

After reading this article, I now realize that not only did my brain turn to mush while watching the show, my heart is now damaged also.  I'm one psycho girl (adios Raichel and Melissa) away from permanently deleting the show from my scheduled recordings.  Here are some observations T and I made after watching this week's episode last night.  Well most of them are mine; T mostly just rolls his eyes and makes smart comments whenever I'm watching the show.

1.  If we had a dollar, or even a penny, for every time the word "like" was used (as a filler not as a verb) we would have essentially won the lottery.

2.  The statement, "I'm not usually like this" (while doing the ugly cry on Brad's shoulder), can be translated to, "You better run while you can because you've only see the beginning of my emotional breakdowns". 

3.  Are these chicks fed some kind of drug that results in raging hormones to fuel drama for the show?

5.  I personally love how there's always the I'm-the-victim-of-the-house-girl.  It must be hard living in California, getting paid to sip margaritas by the pool all day with your hardest task being applying the perfect amount of makeup and picking out the right outfit to win Brad's heart.  That's assuming you get picked for a date that week.

6.  I'm certain that at least a couple of girls from the show end up in a rehab facility with all the alcohol they consume on the show.  Alcohol and raging hormones...not a good combination.

7.  Is Brad really the Bachelor...AGAIN?

8.  Is it really necessary that every show is two hours?  Don't get me wrong, I watch every minute, but I would love to have the option of a condensed version.

9.  I hope Emily wins.

10.  I like Ashley S. and Ashley H. too.

What can I say, I'm totally hooked.  I will say, however, that at least I'm aware that the hour and forty minutes I spend watching the show is a complete waste of my time.  And it's apparently contributing to heart failure as well.  Great.

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