Monday, January 31, 2011

Is it Monday already???

Well, I'm sitting here on my couch after sending about 10 detailed wedding e-mails, and whoa, my brain is about to burst!  Luckily I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my Mom and best friend, Jamie, who offered mucho moral support for this frazzled bride-to-be.  I think we got a LOT accomplished, and it's so exciting to have dates that are set in stone to look forward to!  Oh, and we did my taxes!  And T's too!  My Mom is seriously wonder woman, and we share a love for productive weekends.  And oh, was this weekend productive.

In between the wedding planning and tax returns we were able to enjoy yummy meals filled with people watching, laughter, reminiscing and all things girl talk.  We all lounged on the couch until midnight on Saturday night doing what we do best...talking...without even turning the TV on.  I love those kind of nights.  Sunday was filled with church, an intense yoga class complete with headstands (my Mom was a pro at these) and a trip to Yogurt Mountain...

It's all about the Neopolitan and sprinkles, baby.  This new yogurt place is amazing.  If you're a topping lover, which I'm not but I do enjoy the rainbow sprinkles every once in a while, this is your place.  They had a whole wall of toppings.  Lucky charms, rice krispy treats and Ghiradelli chocolate sauce to name a few.  I was impressed.  And slightly bitter that this establishment didn't exist when I was a nanny.  That place could keep kids occupied for Lord knows how long.  They do charge by the ounce, however, so that could have been a little problematic.  But, hey, bribery is necessary sometimes regardless of the  price.  As you can tell, I have some bad habits to change before I have kids one day.

I even bribe our dog, Gnarly.  I took him to get his nails cut Sunday afternoon.  Which, if you remember, ended up like this last time we went...

Everything was fine this time around.  Even if this dude here had to hold him in a death grip throughout the entire process.  If you look closely you can see little Gnarly's head peeking out...

Just a few observations...  What did that poor lab in the front do to deserve that haircut.  This room screams allergies.  And, yep, that was me, the Mom who can't just drop off her dog but insists on staying to make sure they don't rip out her baby's nail again.  Oh, and back to bribery, something possessed me to buy a "Greenie" treat that cost $2.50 (and yes treat as in measley little treat) in the checkout line to keep him from jumping all over the counter and the poor, unsuspecting customers.  And it was worth every penny.  

So that was pretty much my weekend.  And I miss my Mom already.  And I'm ready for T to come home!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. 

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  1. She's a bit better now, but Maggie used to totally freak when we trimmed her nails. I once took her to the vet and it took THREE people to hold her down. I got charged an extra 5 bucks when checking out...apparently the trim cost only covered TWO people.


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