Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a little update

This post is coming a little late since I spent some quality time with T last night before he left for Utah for his snowboarding trip with Kenny this morning!  I dropped him off at 7 AM, and was surprised at how sad I was to leave him for a week!  He really is my best friend, and it feels like half of me is missing when he is gone.  I'm so glad he's getting a week away to do what he loves the most - snowboard in LOTS of powder!  I did, however, make him promise to stay in bounds and be super duper careful.  I'm a worrier, so I'll have anxiety the entire time he's gone.  Poor thing called me tonight and said he has a really bad sore throat and the chills, so I hope he gets to feeling better ASAP so he can fully enjoy his trip.  He's stocked up on meds and orange juice, so hopefully they'll help.

Me, I had an extremely busy day at work, but got to de-stress and burn some calories at The Ballet Burn!  It's a new class that my yoga teacher started, and I took it for the first time at HEAT in downtown Raleigh tonight and LOVED it.  I'm a lover of exercise and dance, and this class was the perfect combination.  It focuses on lengthening and strengthening to give you a ballerina body, which who doesn't want that???  So, if you're in the area and want to try it, feel free to come along with me!  I'm already sore, and it's only been an hour and a half since I finished the class.  That's when you know you've gotten a great workout. 

I'm having hot chocolate for dinner, going to watch a little Oprah and miss my T!  Oh, and my Mom and Grandma are coming to see me this weekend!  Wedding planning, quality girl time and lots of laughter is in the works!  I can't wait for them to get here!

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