Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random with a capital R...

I'm happy to say that my morning workouts are a success!  I highly recommend them.  I went to the gym in our neighborhood for the first time yesterday, and it is perfect for me.  Clean, cozy and I had it all to myself!  I cranked up Bob and the Showgram on my iPhone and ran and ran until my little heart was content.  And driving home from work that afternoon knowing that I had already burned my calories for the day was priceless.  Maybe just maybe I'm becoming a morning person!

After work I went to Kerry Catherine Jewelry, where T had my engagement ring made.  They always let me come and have my ring cleaned for free!  If you're ever in need of some gorgeous, hand crafted jewelry, it's the place to go.  I can't wait to sit down with them in February and get started on designing our bands!  Here's the review T wrote about them on City Search about his experience with designing my ring:

Let me start by saying this review is long overdue and I've been meaning to write it for quite some time. I am honestly not sure if I have ever written an online review about anything, but the experience I had working with the staff at KC warrants it completely. My journey started as a completely clueless boyfriend looking to find an engagement ring for my girlfriend of the time (now fiance') around the beginning of 2010. After fumbling through quite a bit of internet research, i made my way over to north hills to check out kerry catherine's store (still clueless on the whole process) and get some face time with a real jeweler. That random decision would turn out to be the best I made throughout the whole process! Kerry and Vicky took the time to sit down and educate me on the whole process of custom designing a ring from scratch. No hard selling, no gimmicks, and they did so without a shred of proof that i was even remotely interested in buying anything from them. This was extremely refreshing and after examining some of Kerry's work, I knew that I wanted to move forward with using her as my designer. I'll keep the story short, but KC stayed after hours on multiple occasions for me to work with her one on one to create the perfect engagement ring over a period of time. I was able to select the perfect diamond out of quite a few that she ordered for me to choose from, and every design detail that I had in my mind for the ring she was able to put onto paper and eventually develop into the actual setting. The finished product is absolutely amazing and my fiance' Kathryn gets compliments on it everywhere we go. She was blown away that I had "designed" a custom ring for her that was one of a kind, something I could not have imagined doing at the start of the whole process.

If you are in the market for any kind of custom or just uniquely designed jewelry, i highly recommend visiting KC to experience an unmatched level of customer service and expertise that compliments amazing jewelry products. They have made me a friend and customer for life; looking forward to writing another review about my experience designing Kathryn's wedding band in 2011!

I also found out while I was there today, that Kerry recently won three awards in JCK's national Best of the Best-'Jeweler's Choice Awards', voted by 15,000 jewelers nationwide!  She is amazing at what she does.

I was greeted by this cute little guy when I got home...

He always tries to steal my food, but is rarely successful.    

In exciting wedding news, my dress is in, T and I are shopping for king size mattresses tonight and he is officially in secretive honey moon planning mode!  He's surprising me, so I'm trying to keep my nosiness to a minimum!  Exciting times these are!

Oh, and can I just say that I must go to Australia one day.  You all need to watch Oprah's four part series about their trip to the land down under this week.  She gave her entire audience plus some, a fully paid trip to Austrailia in case you've been living under a rock.  I watched the first episode last night and was in tears by how beautiful it is.

Consider this a less than subtle hint T... 

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  1. tell thomas that i am dissapointed to hear that his decision to go into KC was "random"


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