Friday, January 7, 2011

T (freaking)-G-I-F

I've never been so thankful for a Friday.  I might just scream for joy when I leave work at 4:30 this afternoon.

I'm feeling a lot like my plant on my desk...

...which I should probably water before I leave for the weekend.

This week has been one from you know where complete with a not-so-common cold of death, allergic reaction to chicken cakes (I had never heard of such a thing either, but I'm certain you can only find such a classy cuisine in the South...and just if you were wondering they most definitely have pecans in them), a ripped skirt after trying to do a very ungraceful leap over the garage door sensor yesterday morning (darn T for holding our only garage door opener hostage), nearly running out of gas on the way to work but managing to sputter my way to a gas station and a whole lot of bad news.  But I have survived and am writing this post drinking a cold Corona Light while watching Gnarls play with our friend, Larry's, little 12 pound puppy, and life is good.

And these are the kind of weeks that make me really savor the good times.  Not that I've had it rough whatsoever just to clarify.  I'm only unnecessarily complaining about the everyday annoyances, but it's the everything-that-could-possibly-go-wrong-has-kind-of-weeks that make the weekends taste so sweet.  And I secretly love weeks like this because I'm the kind of person that loves going to bed at a level of absolute exhaustion and similarly love arriving at my weekend feeling a complete need for rest and relaxation.

Even though this weekend is bringing exactly the opposite, we are going to put on our smiley faces and trudge through some much needed wedding-check-off-the-listing.  We are FINALLY registering (or at least starting our registry) at Belk on Saturday and then heading to Boone Saturday night.  I had to bribe T with snowboarding on Sunday if you were wondering what prompted another less than 24 hour trip to the mountains.  So, while he snowboards, my Grandma is going to give me a crash course on how to sew.  Our plan is to sew original table runners for my wedding reception.  I'm so excited to spend time with her and add a personal touch to our reception decor!  That reminds me, I should probably buy some fabric and thread for our test run.  Can't show up empty handed.

I hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to soak up all the Saturday/Sunday goodness.  I'll leave you with these cuties...

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