Friday, January 14, 2011

To fine china or not to fine china...that is the question

First off, to answer Kara's question (thank you for commenting!), I've only done a few weeks of the Bible study, but I do like it so far.  Beth Moore's "Jesus 90 Days With The One And Only", if you didn't read yesterday's post. 

The layout of each study, which you are supposed to do one a day, is a short amount of scripture to read followed by some of her commentary.  There are also questions and room for reflection that force you to do some deeper thinking on the scripture presented as well as space for you to write some thoughts and prayers.  I love this aspect because I was one of those kids in school who always felt the need write the absolute maximum number of pages or words that was allowed, so the space to write in the study forces me to spend a good amount of time studying instead of just reading through quickly...because I can't possibly leave any lines blank.

It's a little different than the studies I'm usually drawn too because I normally like the ones that involve more real life application because I'm so fascinated by what makes us tick and what changes we can make to better ourselves.  I could see how some people might not agree with everything that she has to say about the scripture, but at the same time, she's not preaching or translating in a this-is-what-God-meant-for-us-to-take-away kind of way. 

I went to one of her conferences and it was life changing.  It's just so inspiring how she is so enthusiastic about her relationship with God, and she inspires me keep that spark alive in my own relationship with Him.  I would recommend anything having to do with her, and I'll keep everyone updated on the study; especially with the aha moments - those are my favorite!  I love learning...I'm one of those people who could just stay in school forever.  Minus the anxiety it brings with all of the due dates, oh, and living in near poverty...
Now on to the fine china.  T and I are still in the registering process, and the more we shop, the more I realize how much we need.  And therefore keep thinking how silly it seems to register for fine china that is going to sit in our cabinets for no one to see when we don't even have a toaster. 

And you're supposed to register for 12 place settings, and we only have a table to seat four, and really, when are we going to be hosting a fancy smancy dinner party any time soon?  And we probably won't get all 12 place settings since we're registered for so much other stuff.  And then our china pattern will probably be discontinued leaving us with a never-been-used, incomplete set of fine china that people have generously bought for us but that are getting no use and aren't even on display. 

Am I totally wrong, or realistic?  Please help!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely drool over fine china and would LOVE to be the owner of it, but I just don't if it's something realistic for us to register for.

Now that I'm thinking about it I would definitely be one of those people who would want to use it all the time...for romantic dinners and hot tea after a long day and when dear friends and family come over.  I wouldn't be one of those touch-my-china-and-die people.  Maybe I've just convinced myself that I should keep it on my registry.  The set I picked is beautiful...  Help me get off this fence please!

Happy Friday!  And sorry for the rant. 


  1. If you love the set you picked out, keep it on the registry! There are people who will buy it for you because fine china is what they like to get for newlyweds. However, if you change your mind...something that we did was pick out a sort of "in-between" pattern of china that is really everyday but can be dressed up to be more formal if need be (not that we ever host any formal dinners, lol). But you only do this registry thing once, so do what you want! :)

  2. We didn't register for china...we felt the same way. There were so many things we wanted and needed beyond pretty dinnerware that we didn't think it was worth it. I haven't regretted our decision once. I love the dishes we did get...and for the record, we only got sets of 8...and it's worked out fine. (No need to get 12 if sets of 12 aren't an option.)

    Thanks for your comments on the study. I might look into it. :)


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