Monday, February 7, 2011

Bachelor commentary...Costa Rica Edition

Since this show takes up so much of my Monday night, I figured I would devote a post to it.  Here are some observations from tonight's show...


1.  I have to zipline in Costa Rica one day.  In the rain.  With T.
2.  Chantal has great skin, but something about her gets on my last nerve.  I would say the same for Alli.

                                                 Adios, Alli!

3.  Coming home in Brad's shirt...kinda trashy in my opinion.
4.  T's favorite Michelle saying..."I'm pissed (pronounced passed)".  He imitates her saying it all throughout the show, and I die laughing.  It is SPOT ON.
5.  I'll go ahead and add propelling down a waterfall to my bucket list too.  And swimming in a big hot spring.  I will not, however, be adding wading through a spider and bat infested cave regardless of how awesome the alter may be. 
6.  I'm scared of crunchy bugs too.  Especially the live ones.
7.  If T had proposed to me via Marry Me Monday, I might have had to say no.
8.  Michelle the psycho stalker strikes again.  And girlfriend wears some serious bronzer.  She cracks me up.  I hope Brad keeps her around for our entertainment.  And, yes Michelle, you are a tad crazy.


9.  I hate when I catch up to my DVR and have to watch shows live.
10.  Leave it to Chantal to drop the L bomb first.  No surprises there.
11.  Another one bites the dust..

In other news...

Victory is mine...finally.  T refuses to hit the "resign" button, but I have clearly won this game of Words With Friends.  Or Words With Fiances as he calls it. 

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