Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dropping in for a quick hello...

Life has been just plain crazy around here lately.  I've neglected this poor little blog, but I've been super productive on other fronts.  The secret project is now complete.  I've run 21 miles in the last 7 days.  And I made a true trip to the grocery store, so that I would quit pulling up to Starbucks every morning as a last resort.  I'm feeling good.  I love the feeling of completing a project.  Of having a vision, experimenting with something new and accomplishing the goal.  My body and mind feel rejuvenated by all the time outdoors, sweat shed and hills climbed.  I'm feeling my endurance level rise and my stress level lower.  And it feels good.

T's taking the day off tomorrow to go snowboarding.  Therefore I think I deserve a trip to TJ Maxx.  Or that tennis shoe purchase I've been waiting for.  We are both anxiously awaiting the long weekend.  We'll hopefully be accomplishing marriage counseling and wedding invitation ordering (I think I'm way behind on this, but I'm not stressing it).

In other news, T is surprising me with our honeymoon destination, but he did inform me that I need to get a passport!  My first time out of the country; I am so excited. 

Some things I'm loving lately...

Roses in the house...

I don't think that flowers are overrated.  I absolutely love receiving them and having them around the house.

The Justin Bieber CD.  Glee's covers were a let down I must say.  And I was genuinely upset that there wasn't a cameo appearance.

Sunshine.  Good ol' vitamin D.

Pawn Stars.

Life with T.

Happy Thursday ya'll!  What are you loving these days???

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