Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling a little antsy...

So, this is what the boys have been up to in Salt Lake City...

Apparently they were first in line for the tram.  If only it was this easy to get T out of bed for church.  Keep in mind we go to the 11am service.  I'm guessing it's no later than 8am in this picture...priorities T...priorities...


I don't think I could handle the claustrophobicness that is sure to come with this ride up the mountain...

Such a cutie pie.

Hiking up to snowboard down...doesn't look like this is "in bounds" to me.  T!  We pinky promised!

After looking at these pictures, it's official...I need a vacation. 

My Mom and I had a discussion this past weekend about happiness, and we came to the conclusion that it's memories like these that bring the most happiness.  I could care less whether or not T and I have the newest cars or the most elaborate house; I want to do a LOT of traveling and focus on making memories rather than being the owner of the next best materialistic thing.  I want to focus on the God-made instead of the man-made.

Here's to exploring the world and all of God's greatest creations!  And to being appreciative of the greatness in the places that we live.  T and I recently made a pact to not take North Carolina and Raleigh for granted and to be better about exploring all the local attractions that are right under our nose!  I'll keep you posted on what we find!

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  1. Neat pictures! And yes, the Triangle area actually has a LOT to explore. Do you guys mountain bike? That's one of my favorite outdoorsey things to do around here.


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