Monday, February 28, 2011

Flowers and Showers

This week equals a super stressful work week since we have a couple people in our management team out, so needless to say, I was itching to get out in the warm weather for some stress-reducing exercise by 5.  I'll take this time to say sorry to all you Boone folk.  My good intentions to send you all some of our warm weather yesterday was not acknowledged my mother nature, and I hear you have a lot of cold air and flooding.  It was 81 degrees here today, but all we have to show for it are severe thunderstorms and 52 degree weather. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see these on my run today...

I swear these pink beauties just bloomed today, or I was too busy huffing and puffing on yesterday's run to notice.  Regardless, they are gorgeous, and I just had to get a closer look...


I have no clue what they are, but they sure are pretty!  And I hope they're here to stay for a while!  I love getting to know our little neighborhood and all the cute little surprises like this it has to offer.  We didn't move in until late fall, so we must have missed out on these last year.

I had to book it on the second half of my run, however, since this was what was coming up behind me...

And book it I did...I am phobia like afraid of storms.  Especially tornadoes, and I always imagine I'm seeing a funnel cloud.  It's kind of ridiculous but true.  

I highly recommend taking a bit of your day to get fresh air and exercise.  Even if it's just a short walk.  I think it's so important to take time for yourself every day to reflect and shed some stress.  I know it's therapeutic for me, and even if I'm dreading it on my drive home from work, I'm always glad that I went once I'm done.  Huffing and puffing and all.  Try it for a week - you'll notice a big difference in your overall mood I guarantee it. 

Try to take some time this week and observe the hints of spring that are popping out where you are too!  It's sure to brighten your mood as well.  I know you Boone folk can find at least one...even if it is just the switch from snow showers to rain showers.  Flowers are going to follow I promise!   


  1. I heard the faint sound of frogs chirping this evening - in Boone! They will probably freeze to death tomorrow night, but it was a sweet, Spring sound!

  2. Hey! I love the spring pics. Gorgeous! I think those are pink dogwoods. We have a dogwood festival each year in Knoxville. I love the exercise advice. So true! Hope your week isn't as stressful as you think it is going to be.


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