Friday, February 4, 2011

Leaning into it

T and I were talking the other day after work, and we came to the conclusion that we need a drastic change in our diets.  We have both been feeling so tired all the time, and we haven't been able to figure out why.  Well I'm thinking it may have to do with what we're feeding ourselves.

This is what my diet has consisted of lately.  Some type of healthy cereal in the mornings.  Cheese and crackers for lunch.  And a soft pretzel with Dijon mustard for dinner.  And every once in a while a little hot chocolate or Starbucks somewhere in between. 

Basically nothing but processed foods with little to no protein.  T obviously eats more than this, but with our lack of cooking skills, it's usually take out which isn't much better than my cereal and crackers. 

I saw a great episode of Oprah the other day, and all of her staff was trying the vegan challenge.  She had Kathy Freston on the show, author of The Veganist, and it was really interesting.  First of all, they took the cameras to a meat processing plant, and whoa, everyone needs to see that.  Not that I'm an animal activist who doesn't believe in eating meat, but I think it is good to be conscious of where what we eat comes from. 

And I want T and I to be more conscious of what we eat.  Nutrition and fitness are both a passion of mine (I truly wish I would have gone to school for this), and I spend a LOT of time on Fitness Magazine's website.  Not because I'm obsessed with dieting and exercise, but I am super interested in how our body reacts to certain foods and what we can do in our daily routines to make us feel better and more energized...just to name a few.

So that's what mission I'm on.  To find what works for me (and T) in our diet to achieve optimal energy and happiness.  We're going to lean into healthier food choices, so we can make long term changes to our lifestyle.  And I'll be sure to share what I find.

Last night I decided to make our usual spaghetti, but with a twist.  Here are some things I adjusted, and I can honestly say that both T and I walked away from the meal having eaten less and feeling refreshed instead of disgustingly full.

So first I swapped out our lean ground beef for extra lean...nothing extreme here.  I was originally going to use Tofu, but then I realized that was more like diving head first into this, rather than leaning into it.  And the idea of having to use a food processor to prepare my "meat substitute" is kind of intimidating.  And we don't have a food processor.

I also used whole wheat spaghetti.  You definitely have to be careful with the "whole wheat/whole grain" packaging because a lot of times it will say whole wheat, but then when you look closer at the ingredients and fine print it's more like 50% whole grain.  Good thing I passed on the Tofu idea because the first thing T said when he walked in from work as I was draining the noodles was, "Wait...are those whole wheat noodles???".  He's a little worried about this diet change, but he agreed afterwards that in no way, shape or form did the whole wheat noodles lessen his spaghetti experience.  And the boy is picky about his spaghetti.  That's basically what he lived on when he was saving up for my ring.

I also swapped our four cheese, garlic white bread for these:

And T and I both found them to be delicious!

So, here was the final product:

Looked the same and tasted even better then the other version that was filled with bad carbohydrates and loaded with fatty cheeses.

Don't get me wrong we still utilized some of our favorites:

But in time, we'll work to incorporate healthier versions of these too.

And I really want to try the vegan challenge just to see how my body reacts to it.  I'll let you know how it goes.  T is definitely not on board with this, so I'll be going it alone.

T and I both share a love for healthy food and exercise, and I want us to start doing more cooking and making better choices when it comes to what we consume on a daily basis.  That way when we have kids one day, we'll be able to pass down healthy eating habits and not a pyramid with cool mint Oreos as the major food group.

Just leaning into it, we'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and PS, if you're looking for an easy way to feel a little more energized every day, try to quit slouching - especially if you have a desk job.  I learned to improve my posture while practicing yoga for the past year, and it truly does make a huge difference in how I feel.

Anyways, happy weekending!!!


  1. Good for you guys!

    Whole wheat pasta is all that Dave and I buy. Trader Joe's has a nice cheap selection.

    I usually aim for one veggie, one starch, and one meat with every meal. The more veggies I can sneak in (by adding chopped veggies to sauce, mixing in with rice, etc.) the better.

    And I can TOTALLY tell the difference when I'm not eating healthy. I start feeling like BLAH.

  2. I have subbed ground turkey for beef in spaghetti and taco dishes. You have to chop the turkey in small pieces while browning. Even Chip was fooled for years. Doesn't change the taste at all. Try it and let me know what you think.


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