Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Stopping in for a quick weekend recap.  The Oscars are on, and they are extra awkward at the moment, so I must get back to the show.  I do love Anne Hathaway though, so I hope she gets good reviews!

Friday night we went to the hurricanes game and had a blast...

Saturday night I got to babysit my favorite kiddos...

complete with Grease (it was their first time seeing the movie which was so cute), popcorn and cuddle time!  Sweet little Caroline and Fiona are best buds.  Is my flower girl not the cutest thing you've ever seen???

Sunday T went to Beech to snowboard, and I spent the day with Jamie!  We did some serious shopping and some serious chatting.  What could be better?  I finished the day up with a run in the 78 degree weather...yes, I said 78!  Sending sunshine your way Boone folk!

Happy Monday! 

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