Sunday, March 20, 2011

And hermits we were...

T and I have found that the best way for us to recharge our batteries is to spend quality time together...just him and I.  And oh, how we needed a weekend to recharge.  So this weekend, that's exactly what we did.  We cleared our schedules and vowed to arrive on Sunday refueled and revived.  And I'm sitting here on Sunday night, and can genuinely say it was even better than I had hoped.  Thank goodness for weekends with my sweetie.

Friday night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and indulged in some Mexican beer and our guilty pleasure, QUESO.  These pictures were taken on T's camera; looks like it needs a good scrub down. 

Our thermostat is off for the time being, and we're turning to good ol' mother nature for our heating and cooling needs.  I love this time of year...doors are open and windows are cracked.

And since it was a birthday weekend, some spoiling was necessary. 

We welcomed in the 80's prematurely this weekend, so it was only appropriate to head to Umstead to do some hiking and soak up some Vitamin D.

We went out for T's birthday Saturday night.  To a place we knew wouldn't fail us.  Mellow Mushroom.  And the hour wait didn't deter us.  We had beer and sunshine.  What more could we ask for?

And our romantic dinner under the mushroom was well worth the wait.

We finished up the night with fudge marble cake with chocolate icing...T's favorite.

G-dog is terrified of any type of flame...hence the attempted escape.

I got out for a bit to do some shopping with Jamie on Sunday and received this picture text...

I love that my boys miss me even when I've only been gone for a few hours.  The fact that I blocked in T's car forcing him to stay a hermit for even longer may have had something to do with this picture text as well...

We also finished stamping our invitations and got them out last night.  T felt it necessary to dress as if we were going on a covert night mission.  Reason number 587 why I love him.

So, long story short, there was a lot of quality time and hermitness and a little bit of productivity.  And somewhere in between we wore G-dog plain out...

Hope you are starting your week feeling recharged as well!

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