Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A fun little product...

I discovered this great brand online, and my new Baggu lunch tote just came in the mail today!

Well more like my first lunch tote rather than my new lunch tote.  I've been that girl bringing my lunch in a plastic bag because I was too cheap to give in and buy a true lunch bag.  Our refrigerator at work is filled with all these nice, classy lunch totes and then there is my lone plastic bag or maybe a Mary Kay or Ann Taylor bag every once in a while if I was feeling self conscious about my Harris Teeter one.  So I gave in and spent $11 on this little cutie!  Shipping and all...

This little lunch tote called the Baby Baggu is one of the many products that this company has to offer.  I got the blush stripe version, but there are also lots more colors and patterns to choose from.  I love the gray and navy elephant one too!  This bag can hold up to 30 pounds but can also fold up into that little bag in the first picture for convenience, so you can just pop it in your purse.

It's one of my attempts to be a little more environmentally friendly (one of my resolutions for the year), and the fact that it's super cute is definitely a plus.  There are both bigger and smaller bags available in all shapes and styles, and the prices are great.  And so is the quality.  I plan on getting some of the bigger versions to use as reusable grocery bags.  Head on over to Baggu and check them out... http://baggubag.com/#Shop

Now I just need to go to the grocery store, so I actually have food with which to make a lunch to carry in my cute lunch tote.

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