Friday, March 25, 2011

Hittin' the road Jack

Tonight T and I are headed to Boone! One of my Mom's best friends, Nikki, is throwing a bridal shower for me on Saturday, and T is going to round out his snowboarding season with some park time at Appalachian Ski Mountain. I've also asked him to make an appearance at the shower to which he happily agreed! I've always had this vision of T unexpectedly arriving at a shower allowing all the women to meet my charming husband-to-be, and then he would whisk our gifts away and take them to our new house. In this case it would just be to our car since we'll be in Boone but I'll take it! I can't wait for everyone to meet him; I love showing off my man!

I also love road trips with T; it's when we have some of our best conversations. I love the routine of the last minute packing, creative car loading thanks to G-dog's crate awkwardly taking up the majority of the space, the singing and dancing to all kinds of music, the stop for food and the cute way T asks me to "set him up" since I don't believe in full stops (only drive bys) when on a mission to get to our final destination (I love the way he prefers the way I do things for him versus his own) and the way he always tells me how he loves when I sit cross legged and how cute he thinks it is. I genuinely look forward to our trips together even if it is a rainy, dreary day at the close of a long and stressful work week.

I always try to think of debate like conversations before our trips. I love discussing hot topics and all types of theory about humanity. I can't help bur force T to love them too. That's one of the first things that attracted me to him; his intelligence and unique way of forming his opinions. He has opened my eyes and allowed me to gain a new and more compassionate perspective on many occasions. I love that about him. I think it's important to have these types of conversations with your significant other. I love discovering new layers to T and his beliefs and opinions. It will make us better parents one day (way down the road)if we know where each other stands so that we work as a team and learn how to compromise. Don't worry, I made sure we agreed on the biggies before saying yes to marrying him!

Topics for this trip...Rob Bells controversial book Love Wins, what's important to T on the big day (it's just as much his as mine) and the pros and cons to doing back flips off 20 foot jumps. We'll see if he can come up with any pros.

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