Monday, March 28, 2011

A pond, a stream and a sleepy dog

We are back in Raleigh after a wonderful weekend in Boone!  The shower was lovely, and I'm going to devote an entire post to it later this week so that I can be sure to do it justice.  We are all feeling a little like this at the moment...

All I know is that my fiance needs to tighten up.  I have two pictures to prove it...

Exhibit A:  The Pond

Apparently snowboarding would be the gateway drug.  The next best high today happened to be a man made pond.  This is T "snowboarding" across a 100 feet long by 4 feet deep pond.  He made it all the way across on his second try, and he did not spare me the details.  Apparently stealing an identity to avoid signing the informative registration and danger waiver and a speed of 50 miles an hour was involved in his pondboarding success.  He's officially a crazy person.  Hypothermia was avoided and he's still in one piece, thank goodness.

Exhibit B:  The Stream

Apparently since it's the 21st century, radios are so not cool anymore, and streaming tournament games via the iPhone NCAA app while driving on 40 East going 80 miles per hour is the logical alternative.  No, we did not devote our entire road trip to a Carolina game but we did, however, stream the last minute and are now indebted to Kentucky.  We are officially done hearing about any Carolina this, Carolina that nonsense.  After having some down time this weekend, I can proudly say that I have been sucked into the March Madness and want to see Butler win it all.

I'll be back tomorrow with Tuesday Letters and Wednesday with a bridal shower recap!

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