Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Letters

T and I have decided to do something new on Tuesdays.  Oftentimes, we easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the work week (especially these days with all the wedding planning), and forget to take time to let each other know some things that we've been loving about each other...or not loving.  Because in reality, we learn something new about each other every day almost.  We thought this would be a fun way to document these little tid bits.

Dear T,

I love how you eat Mint Oreos in hiding and do my last rep of push ups with me to help me stick to my regimen.  Thanks to you, I've officially made the switch from "girl push ups" to "boy push ups" and am off chocolate.  Cold turkey baby.  Dear crazy bike man, I really hope my soon-to-be-husband does not take up your insanely dangerous but seriously cool hobby.  When he showed me your video today, he had a sparkle in his eye.  Worries me.  Dear T-baby, sorry I've been slacking off with Words With Fiances...I've just been feeling really down about my vocabulary thanks to all my losses.  I'll be back once I get some quality time in with Mr. Webster.  Dear Mr. Thomas Ward, I can't wait to have your last name.  PS I think it's really cute how giddy you are about the big day. 

Dear K,

Why do you have so many dears in your Dear T letter? I'm not sure what inspired you to make the drastic decision to allow me to type a paragraph a week on your blog, but prepare to see your stats plummet. I see that you've officially made the switch from The Bachelor to Bethenny (does anyone actually know why this chick is famous?!), however.....i must remind you that tournament coverage resumes Thursday night so please be sure to divulge in your weekly hearty helping of trash tv beforehand so we have a cleared schedule for the continued madness of march.  Dear Kat, (see what i did there?) it hurts my heart when you remind me that it's 80 degrees and beautiful every day in the middle of march. i get it. the snow has melted, spring has sprung and end of season depression levels are at an all time high. will you take me surfing to help me bounce back? great!!

And there you have it...Tuesday Letters.

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