Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday Letters

Dear T,

I knew I could trick you and substitute ground turkey for ground beef.  After I confessed you claimed to have noticed something different about our tacos, but I know that's just your stubbornness coming out.  You are currently meandering around our living area which most definitely means you're already hungry again.  You better not get out those darn oreos.  Day number chocolate.  I'm pretty excited about using our new crock pot to whip you up a meal tomorrow during my mental health day off.  Look forward to vacuumed floors, clean laundry and a roast with cooked carrots and potatoes. 

PS  I'm getting super curious about our honeymoon destination.  Feel free to send me any generic photos to enhance my excitement!

dear K,

you will get no honeymoon destination pictures, but you will get the honeymoon destination. 2 months away!  it seems appropriate that today, the day after my last day of snowboarding season (why can't i be in tahoe right now??! 600+inches of snowfall and still absolutely nuking out there. the terrain park at northstar no longer exists b/c it is completely buried in new snow, and it is a HUGE park. but i digress..) i want to thank you for putting up with all my obsessive hobbies, borderline uncurable competitiveness , and all my other character flaws that you somehow have the wherewithal to put up with and even accept as "qualities" of mine.  while reading an article tonight about pioneer kayaker hendrik coetzee who tragically passed away not long ago, i read a quote by him that i thought paralleled your unique understanding for who i am.

"i need to believe that there is more to this world than what we know.  i need to believe there is magic out there.  i cannot believe these things blindly, though, and maybe that is why i had to do this mission - to prove to myself that we can do things which are bigger than ourselves. i needed to walk through a minefield to feel protected."

YOU, not any of these other things i do, are my greatest worldly passion, my minefield, and my greatest adventure. i love you.

p.s. don't expect this kind of syrupy sappity sappiness every week, so soak it in while it lasts. ready for spring surf sessions? great! i'll snag you a wetsuit :)

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  1. I am really impressed with both the Letters, they are just awesome.


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