Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Officially Checked Out

I know, I know it's only Wednesday, but T and I are heading to the beach tomorrow night after my bridal shower, and I do believe our brains have already arrived in Emerald Isle.  Little G-dog gets some serious anxiety when we pack...he can't help but rotate around the room cuddling with our clothes when he's worried he'll be staying back.  Exhibit A:

It really is a bit pitiful and a lot a bit cute.  This weekend is, indeed, staying back with our friend, Larry, and his dog, Sawyer.  They are sure to have a blast, and we'll most likely come home to one worn out pup.

I have a jam packed day tomorrow, and  I'm super excited about it!  And tomorrow night I will lay my head down to sleep with the ocean just outside my door!  I'll be back this weekend with pictures from my bridal shower and Ms. soon to be Mrs. Maggie's big day.  I'm so honored to read scripture for the ceremony - I get the Old Testament which I love.  Genesis is one of my favorites.  I'm so blessed to have such an amazing friend, and we wish her and Julien all the best!  What an awesome couple they are.

Now back to updating our guest list...

And clearly some more packing needs to get done...

Gotta dig out the bathing suits!  

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