Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday Letters: Better late than never

Dear T,

I'm so glad my baked ziti was able to make your day better...

I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished in the real estate world even if it can be stressful at times.  2 promotions and counting.  Just in case you forgot, we're getting married in a month - A MONTH!  I cannot wait to walk back down the aisle as a Mrs.!  And then party with all our friends and family!!!  And then honeymoon for a week!!!!! 

Dear G-dog,

I am totally digging our sunrise runs.  Who would have thought you and I would be getting up at 5:45AM to get our exercise in???  The two biggest lovers of sleeping in.  We've turned over a new leaf, and I'm loving it.

Dear Kay,

When you just hand me the computer out of nowhere and say write, I'm probably not gonna come up with anything good. so here's my nothing good. thanks for being awesome, i love you. i'm looking forward to tackling some more mini-projects at the casa this weekend with you, or maybe we'll just bail and head for the beach. i can go either way (and by either way, i'm saying we should go to the beach). by the way, how's that resolution to beat me at words with fiances working out for ya these days? im sure your readers want an update....  


Dear smart you know what,

The scores are in:  Kathryn - 236 Thomas - 174 boo-ya-ka-sha

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