Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Letters: Condensed version because of all the good TV that's on

Dear T,

I love Monday nights with you...vanilla ice cream cones, Bethenny Ever After, Pawn Stars and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory...heaven I tell you.  I loved it the other day when talking about buying you the new four door Wrangler you said, "I want to see the inside of one to make sure there's enough storage space for snowboards, surfboards and for you know...when we have kiddos in the back one day".  My heart skipped a beat hearing you talk about about our future children - how did I get so lucky?  Thanks for being such an amazing other half.  Oh, and this is for you since you made fun of my thumbs-up-go-to-picture-pose the other night on our date...

PS  Love you more than the bottom of an ice cream cone.

Dear K,

Even with the cheeseball thumbs up pose you still make me do a double take when i see you in pictures or in person; i am a LUCKY man. i sure am glad you love me more than the bottom of an ice cream cone since you obviously don't love that much...every cone's last bite seems to end up in gnarlos' tummy.  thanks for allowing our house to be the wild west, no heat and no a/c. you know how i hate utility bills. here's to hoping the temps drop below 80 indoors.

Dear G,

The bottom of the ice cream cone is, indeed, my favorite, but I give it to you because I love you dearly!  I mean who can say no to this face...

Love, K

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