Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Letters

Dear T,

No, the National Championship does not get you out of Tuesday letters.  Think of it as a good way to put the millions of TV time outs to use.  I like our new found discussions on sports, and how you actually value my input...I'm confident that we will figure out who the new NC State basketball coach is before it hits the press.  Looks like Shaka Smart is out, indeed.  Another one bites the dust.  Did you know that we'll be saying, "I DO" in 47 days???  47 DAYS!!!  I cannot wait to be Mrs. Kathryn Elizabeth Ward.  OK, time to cut this short since tip off is in 12 minutes...I know Tuesday Letters is doomed once this game airs. 

P.S.  I love you.     


the love/hate affair you have with mr gnarls aka biggie aka noodle aka brair gnarls aka bear aka good boiiii aka mcgangles aka...well you get the idea, but the love/hate relationship you two have has taken a serious turn towards love. its borderline ridiculous at this point. he sits in your lap every night on the couch, he sleeps in your bedroom every night for the past week as opposed to his normal crate sleep, he lays downstairs with you as you do yoga, and he basically loves you more than me as a result. i need my dog to remember that he also has a father (not to mention his original owner/rescuer from the spca) so if at all possible please dish out a little more of the hate side of the relationship here and there. great! i love you mucho. also, go canes (late playoff push!), go debbie yow (i sure hope shes got something up her sleeve or we might as well start the 2016 coaching search now for when we fire our next mediocre hire), go butler (unless there is in fact a chance that brad stevens is coming here, then go uconn)!


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