Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm home!

Jamie and I picked up the favors, dress, veil, tuxes and bands and headed to Boone yesterday!  Talk about a jam packed car.  I would venture to say we have enough makeup and hair products to give the entire Southeast a makeover.  I love road trips with my best friend.  We went through about 16 miscellaneous CDs pausing to say, "Wonder what we were up to in Summer of '08?" (I title all my CDs by date for surprise factor when I decide to take a trip down memory lane like we did yesterday).  Apparently we were up to New Kids On The Block, and just in case you were wondering, Summertime is just as fun to sing and dance to now as it was back in Summer of '08.  

On the agenda today...nails, final meeting with Crestwood, Groom is arriving in Boone and soaking up every moment!

My butterflies have now transformed into dragons with wings.  Harry Potter style.     

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  1. You were a gorgeous bride, as you are a gorgeous lady! I love you and am so glad I was there for your special day! XOXO


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