Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yesterday I was feeling anxious about the weather forecast, kicking myself for not crossing all things off my To Do list and frustrated that my house was a wreck.  I took a break to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and came across this post.  I've been keeping up with Libby, who has a truly inspirational story.  She's an amazing woman, and I so admire her.  She's 27, mother of a 2 year old and just beat cancer.  After I read her post, I followed the link to H.U.G.S. and browsed, stumbling across stories that made my heart ache.  Every time I clicked, I read another story about a twenty something year old woman diagnosed with cancer, fighting for her life.  And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I know that it's impossible to always be fully present and never take anything for granted, but it's so easy for me to get caught up in unimportant, worldly things and lose focus of what's important.  Especially lately with all of the wedding plans.  I find myself worried about the tiniest little things that have absolutely no importance in the long run.

I'm so thankful that I came across that post.  It made me take an honest moment to thank God for my family, health, fiance, friends, job, car, roof over my head and just the gift of life in general.  I want to live and love better.  Be more like the one that I love.  He's so great.  I've come home to a clean house, two dinners and organized piles of wedding things that I need to pack this week - I love him so much.  And I am so thankful.     

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