Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All things beach

Get ready for mostly pictures...I don't know what possessed me to run 3 miles in this inferno we call Raleigh tonight, and so my brain is fried, hence all the random photos and lackluster captions.

The beaches of Costa Rica are absolutely gorgeous; it was the first time I'd ever seen the Pacific Ocean.  The water was clear and warm, and I'll definitely be making a trip back to see it soon.  If not in Costa Rica, California instead.

These pictures are from our first late afternoon there...

Every day we would walk down the path, maybe only 100 yards long, heading toward our beloved beach.

And then came the sun.

At low tide, all the rocks were exposed, and we had fun venturing out.

The water would pool and get warmed up by the hot sun making for little hot tubs.  

You would look one way and see rock, and the other and see nothing but sand.  Their beaches are so not predictable.

I loved the colorful hermit crab shells.

T was definitely the bravest explorer.


I talked him out of climbing this one...

I surprised him by wearing the shirt I wore on our first date which I haven't worn since.  He loved that.

And I love him...MUCHO.

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