Sunday, June 5, 2011

Date Night & Ziplining in Costa Rica

This weekend T and I went on our first date night as husband and wife.  We had been wanting to check out the new Lynnwood Grill.  So I got ready...

...and we headed out.  I love seeing my sweetie with a ring on his finger.

The new Lynnwood Grill is great by the way.  We split a French Dip and the Classic Stromboli.  Yum!  And they have Coke products.  Always a plus in our book.  You could call us Pepsi haters.

Remember this post?  Well number one came true!  Minus the rain, but in retrospect rain would have been a bummer considering you fly down those things.  Here are some pictures from our zip line tour through the rain forest!!!

Here's the little hut where we signed our lives away...

And then the fun began.

The views were gorgeous!

Our tour guides were so much fun, and here's some videos they took for your viewing pleasure.  Please excuse my seriously annoying screaming.  I had no idea that's what I sound like - note to self...take it down a notch next time we head to the State Fair. 

And then T had to go and get all crazy.  And I will say his woohoos are up there with my screaming.  Love you babe.

So then I felt the need to get all crazy too.  If T jumped off a bridge, would I jump off a bridge you ask?  Probably so.

SO much fun.  Definitely a highlight of the trip!

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