Friday, June 3, 2011

Eat, drink and be merry

And that we did.  Costa Rica sure does know how to eat.

You know you're in for a treat when you're welcomed with this yummy beverage.

Every night we walked down this lit path through the rain forest... this amazing restaurant...

...for a candlelit dinner for two.  Heaven I tell you.

And the view...simply breathtaking.

Some shots of the bar and the restaurant.  The whole resort had an "open air" concept.  Perfect for a lover of the outdoors.

I loved these little plants.

Feast your eyes...

I loved the salt and pepper display.  I love anything mini.

We cleaned our plates EVERY night.

The bill would come in this cute little box.  I'm detail oriented if you haven't noticed.

Roca Mar was our favorite little restaurant that one of the guys from Argentina that T surfed with told us about.  These restaurants along the beach were awesome.  You would just walk up in bathing suit attire, barefoot and eat a lovely lunch in the shade.

Can't beat that view.

My favorite was the fish and chips.

Oh, and Costa Rica has the best tasting rice.  I ordered just that for lunch one day.

Another cute little bill display, and T trying to figure out the currency ratio.

We splurged and ordered breakfast in every morning.  The chocolate chip, whole grain pancakes were my favorite.

We also enjoyed some of the classics...

And discovered a new favorite beer...Libertas.

Imperial was the most popular Costa Rican beer...T had a few, and then experience buyer's remorse considering just a single can was $4.

They had the most AMAZING mixed drinks.  Too bad they cost an arm and a leg though.  Scratch that.  Two arms and two legs.

Those are muddled grapes at the bottom...delicious.

Their milkshakes and smoothies were TO DIE FOR.  Can you guess whose the chocolate one is?  I definitely made up for the 2 months of chocolate celibacy.

Hope you didn't read this on an empty stomach!

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