Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loves of Late: Summer Is Here Edition

June 21st came and went this week.  Signaling the start of summer.  And one month of marriage.  I couldn't be happier about both.

Some things that T and I are loving...

Neighborhood walks with G-dog and nights at the pool enjoying a cold beer or two.  Purple Haze and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, baby.  Two staples of summer.

We just love this little neighborhood of ours.

Our "Save the Yard" mission and dodging sprinklers...

This song that me and my Dad both love right now because it was played at my wedding reception and was the first time we'd heard both it, so now we directly associate it with the night of May 21st.  Brings back the best memories.  I love music and the ability it has to envoke such strong emotion.  Every time I hear this on the radio, it brings me back to the most fun filled night with all my amazing friends and family.


Speaking of music, I'm loving this song on my runs lately...sorry I'm a sucker for mainstream.  T's trying to break me of it.

I'm currently loving my morning ritual - oatmeal, a peach and a quiet sunrise devotional.  I've truly become dedicated to spending time in the Word daily, and I have to say that it has proved to be life changing.  The words of Truth lingering in my heart and mind as I go through my day provide both peace and encouragement.

Guess what craving I finally satisfied?  Cherry pie!!!  It wasn't homeade, but it was the "free" in a "buy one, get one" Harris Teeter special, so I jumped on the opportunity.  T is glad he doesn't have to hear me talk about never having had cherry pie.  Just for the record - I LOVE IT.  I'll master the perfect homeade crust eventually.

My sweet Mom is coming to visit this weekend while T is in Charleston!  I'm so excited to spend quality time with her.  That's the other thing June 21st signaled - a month without seeing my Mom - what a shame!  This visit is a must.  Can't wait to see you Mama!

PS  Exciting things are happening here at Kat Chat Inc.  Be on the look out for a surprise debut in July!

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