Monday, June 27, 2011

Milk Dud Overdose... what happens when my Mom and I get together.  She's one of my all time favorite people in this world, and I had the best weekend with her!

Friday night we went to good ol' Lynnwood Grill and then stayed up late watching reality TV and catching up.  It was so nice to have wedding-planning-less conversation and just be able to reminisce about the big day in person.  She brought me our wedding video, and we watched it tearfully - we are so blessed, and what a wonderful day that was.

We started off our mornings with a run, and it was so nice to get some exercise in less than 100% humidity.  We followed up our mornings with fresh lunches - strawberries and bananas are also some of our musts on our get togethers...

We spent time at the pool...

We found a new favorite restaurant, Brixx.  Yes to garlic Parmesan bread sticks and margherita pizza.  We followed up our dinner with a trip to the theatre to see Bad Teacher - it was pretty cute and funny.  We meant to get a picture earlier that night, but forgot so tried to make up for it in the dark during the previews.  I wouldn't say we were successful, but it made for a good laugh.

I could not stop laughing long enough to hold the camera still - sorry for the serious blur.  Sunday we did more exercising, made a repeat trip to Lynnwood Grill, watched some Toddlers and Tiaras (what a train wreck that show is) and then said our tearful goodbyes.  Even though it's only a few weeks until next time.  I love my Mom so much, and I'm so blessed to have such a smart, strong, thoughtful, loving, Godly, beautiful and inspirational woman as my best friend!  I always walk away from our time together with motivation to be a better person, so after she left that afternoon I finished my thank you notes I had been procrastinating on, cleaned my house from top to bottom and even potted my first plant.

Good luck little African Violet!  And love you Mom!


  1. Glad you had a great weekend! We need to meet up sometime soon! Dave and I have something to give you. :)

  2. We definitely need to get together soon:) Are you all in town this weekend? We're making a day trip to the beach for the 4th, but will be in Raleigh Friday and Saturday. Let me know if you all want to do dinner or something!

  3. Just saw your response. :) Unfortunately we're headed to Charlotte for the weekend.


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