Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty stamps and a pizza date

You know those weeks where nothing particularly exciting is in store, and you're just plowing through the work week in a sort of a robotic mode?  Well that's my week.  Not that it's a bad thing by any means - these lulls are both therapeutic and necessary.  And it's weeks like these that I find myself enjoying the little things.  Today two things made me smile...

The first being these pretty stamps...

These make me smile, and it was the perfect finishing touch for my thank you notes.  Only 10 more to go, and I'm all caught up!  We're so thankful for all our friends and family and for the generosity they have shown us as we start this new chapter in our lives.  I hope these stamps make you all smile too!  They kick the bell's booty; that's for sure.

The other Wednesday highlight was my pizza date with Jamie.  I'm sure all of the waiters and waitresses at Mellow Mushroom whisper, "not it" when they see us walk through the door.  Not that we're high maintenance, but we sure do set up camp on our dinner dates.  I'm talking 2 hours minimum.  Keep the Diet Coke flowing, and we're happy girls.  Our conscience doesn't get to us when it comes to lucrative table turnover. 

We also always request one of the premium booths.  You know, the ones that sit high up, non-smoking, near the bar but not too close and with the extra cushy seats?  Those are our favorite, I'm sure along with the rest of the pizza eating public.  But once we sit down, we have serious business to catch up on.  Talking nonstop, only coming up for air for cheesy garlic bread.  And ever since we started our Mellow tradition, we've always ordered the same thing - Diet Cokes, garlic cheese bread and a small pepperoni, green pepper and onion pizza.  Well done.  

And next week Jamie is heading to the beach, so the dinner was a must.  Her sweet boyfriend, Dusty, is taking over my role as her date on the annual family beach trip - sad day but I approve.  We truly try not to go much more than a week without seeing each other.  God forbid we live in different cities one day.

We've been best friends since our Sophomore year of high school and have always lived in the same town except for our Freshman year of college - I was in Raleigh and she was in Asheville.  And life as we knew it was over.  Until I convinced her to move to Raleigh for cosmetology school - I did my research, visited a few schools for her and picked one out!  Luckily both she and her Dad agreed it was a winner and Raleigh bound she was.  

And the rest is history.  I'm so blessed to have her as my best friend - we've been through a lot and are stronger than ever.  I'm loving the new chapters we're embarking on together, and thank goodness for cushy booths and delicious pizza - it's one heck of a campground for sharing stories, giving advice, listening, debating, reminiscing, speculating about the future and doing what we do best - talking.  Love you pook!  

And sorry Mellow Mushroom wait staff for monopolizing booth A.  

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