Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Music & Costa Rica Dog Days

This post is going to be really random, but it's what's on my mind.  During my run last night all of my wedding music happened to play on my shuffle, so I figured I'd share these.  And then I have to get through all of these Costa Rica pictures, so I'll share all of my favorite animal ones today!

We wanted to be original with the music, and use songs that weren't traditional and would remind us only of our day.  All of my wedding party, starting with the groom and ending with my sweet flower girl, Caroline, walked down the aisle to this song:

This song gives me MAJOR goosebumps.  I snuck out with my Dad onto the terrace and hid behind a tree to watch all of my sweet wedding party process in.  I will never forget seeing all of the people most near and dear to my heart heading up to witness the greatest moment of my life.  I love you all - you know who you are.

Then I walked down the aisle to this one...(we started the song at 1 minute and 4 seconds in and stopped it at 1 minute and 42 seconds, so fast forward to that part, and that's what I walked down to my sweetie to):

Becky Justice (who used to babysit me and is also our pastor's wife) and Jason Lanier (their Minister of Music) sang "The Prayer" while T and I took communion during the ceremony.  I tried to attach the video, but it wouldn't work since it's on Facebook.  Here's Celine Dion and Josh Groban singing it:

Then after we were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford Ward, we walked out to this!

The next song was for our first dance (shortly after we started dating, T made me a CD with this song on it and said it reminded him of me - we hadn't even dropped the L word at that point, so it got me super excited about our future!!!): 

My Dad and I danced to this (because I won every fight - right, Dad?):

And this one below was our last dance song - one of T and my favorites, and a song we could listen to every day and never get sick of:

I think that about sums up all the important music - how I wish we could start that weekend all over again tomorrow!

Here's our wedding slideshow if you're interested: 

And now the dog days...

Rule #1, don't pet the dogs in Costa Rica.  Don't worry, they're domesticated and friendly, but once you pet them, they think you're their new owners.  This was the first dog of a little trio we met...

We named him Biggie, and he fell in love with us.  And then began to follow us everywhere...along with his 2 friends, who we named Sausage and Lazy Bones respectively.  Don't ask...

Biggie loved me...

And Lazy Bones was neutral.

When T had to draw a line once they started to follow us up into the resort property and shooed Biggie away with a flip flop (he may or may have not given him a little pat on the bum with it too), we were dead to them.  And they began a search for new adopted owners.  And lo and behold, they showed up at dinner with their new adopted owners and laid around their table.  Suckers.

We also met this here cutie.  I mean give me a break, is he not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  We named him Blackie, and he was our favorite.  If it weren't for the darn 30 pound rule, I would have smuggled him back in my suitcase.

I really loved that dog, and I miss him.  He would come to visit us all the time.

And he had a friend, Whitie.  We were really creative with the names.

And I can't forget to mention this little cutie patootie who had mastered the art of begging...

We are dog lovers.  End of story.

Lizards and iguanas were all over the place too.

I was not as big a fan of these.  This here toad below, we named Hubert, would hop through the restaurant every night at dinner time.  He was a cutie.

And a tree frog, crab or three would sneak into our villa every once in a while.  Not to mention a beetle the size of my iPhone that I'm trying to block from my memory.  It fell from the ceiling almost landing on me.  You would want to forget it too.

And last but certainly not least, here's the monkeys that were out in the trees above our villa.  They would always howl before it rained, and they liked to talk to T too.  As you will see in the video below.

Whew...if you're still reading, bless your heart, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

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