Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Greetings!  So, I've decided to quit posting for Mondays in an effort to have "no computer Sundays" - my new weekend resolution.  I have found myself to be so tied to my computer and phone lately out of habit - even catching myself pulling out my phone to scroll through the Facebook news feed at stoplights and such, and I hate that!  Therefore, I think my new schedule is going to be Tuesday through Friday - with a weekend post every now and then.  If I would cut out TV, cell phone and computer while I'm not at work, I would have so much more time to be productive and enjoy electronic free life!  So, here's to taking small steps.

This past weekend was so much fun.  Friday night our sweet friends, Chris and Amy stayed with us.  We took them out for El Rodeo which happens to be one of their favorites too!  We followed it up with Spades and Corona.  T and I lost, but it's definitely one of my new favorite card games!

  G-dog was in on the fun too...

Amy is his new favorite girlfriend.

The boys were very serious about Spades strategy...

And very into their 90's music.

And the perfect ending to a great night?  Amy's homemade Snickerdoodle cookies - delicious!

And what would a Saturday morning be without fresh, Panera bagels?

Saturday night, T and I went out for an all American summer date!  My favorite ice cream place in the entire world reopened for the summer - and they're bigger and better!  Fresh is now selling hot dogs, fries and milkshakes!  Since their "eats" weren't ready yet, we went to Five Guys for dinner.

Then, cue the Hallelujah music...

Even better than I remembered!

And they carry fresh fruit now too!

Heaven on Glenwood baby!  Mom, you and I are going for sure when you come visit this weekend!  If you're in our area - try it out!

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