Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reason # 726 and 727

Dear T,

I love it when I find you doing quirky things like clipping your nails into your frisbee.  I admire your inventiveness and appreciate the lack of fingernails on our living room floor.  Yet another reason why boy roommates are the best.

Recently I had a rough day at work, wasn't in the mood to cook a decent meal and only wanted oatmeal with blueberries and orange juice for dinner.  And you were just able to go with the flow and enjoy a girly meal with me even when our breakfast for dinner didn't even involve so much as a waffle or piece of bacon.  With a smile on your face.  Thanks for always being flexible and understanding.

Oh, and Dear Entourage Marathon,

Thanks for the bonding time you've provided the husband and I with.  What's better than lots of laughter and reciting Drama lines?  Season 4 is officially underway.

I'll be back tomorrow with Loves of Late:  Birthday & Bethenny Edition!

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