Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

T and I had a fun filled weekend enjoying the gorgeous weather - I hope y'all did the same!

Friday night we had our usual Mexican followed by a late showing of Harry Potter 7 Part Dos!  It did not disappoint, and we'll be going to see it again next weekend with the Ross kiddos.  Can't wait for that.

Saturday we headed to our pool and were surprised to find that it was hosting a luau party with catered Parker's Barbecue - T was in HEAVEN.

We were so thankful that the relentless haze of humidity that plagues Raleigh summers lifted for sunny skies and a refreshing breeze.

I got to babysit the Brady girls who I've missed so much on Saturday night, and we had lots of girly fun as usual.  Popsicles in the driveway, Brady Bunch reruns on the couch and Princess stories in bed - I so cannot wait to be a Mom.  Meanwhile T took G-dog over to play with his best friend...


and now
Sawyer is catching up to Gnarly!

Sunday we ate at the Farmers' Market restaurant and shopped around for fruits and veggies.

All for $15, baby.  And I love that sign on the right, "ugly but good".  It's so true - you get to buy the food on the same day it was picked, but it's not always pretty.  Fresh fruit and vegetables haven't been altered to be more aesthetically pleasing like the kind we buy in the grocery store, but they're packed full of nutrients and flavor.  I also love the Farmers' Market because the fruits and veggies that are in season are what's being sold.  And you want what's in season because it's the freshest and most nutrient rich.

I made one more trip to read at the pool on Sunday - I love that it's just a short walk away.  We're so blessed to live where we do, and I try to never take it for granted.

And now it's Monday night and the temps are creeping back up to the 90s and 100s, but at least we got a break this weekend where we could actually breathe and enjoy the outdoors.  I'll leave you with this gorgeous picture that T took in Boone the morning of our wedding day.  I found it this weekend, and I absolutely love it.  It makes me want to take a deep breath and be thankful.

How's that for refreshing?  Happy Monday!

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