Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

We had a guest last night - Mama dearest!  I just love having company come stay with us in our new house.  I've always looked forward to starting a family and hosting people in our home.  I want to always have a revolving door at the Ward household, and I can't wait to host more friends and family we have coming this Fall! 

T cooked dinner for all of us (I'll have to get him to post his famous chicken marinade soon), and we had the best time together.  Husband has become quite the grill expert, and I abslutely love only being in charge of the non-grillable sides.

I'm also so thankful for how thoughtful T is - he parked his car up in the visitor area, so my Mom could have the spot in the driveway, he cooked, he cleaned and he was his charming self as always on top of all that.  I love him so much, more and more every day.

I wanted to post about a quick way to save a big chunk of money!  Lately I've been looking for ways for T and I to save here and there, so that we have more opportunities to increase our savings and put away money for "wants" without living outside our means.  I've felt a really strong conviction recently to build  a strong financial foundation for our family before we have kids, so that we can live the life we want to live without stressing about money all the time.

So to start, I began to examine our expenses which, like the rest of the population, eat up a huge portion of our income.  All of these necessary expenses aren't going anywhere (cell phone service, cable, gas, insurance, etc.), but there's always room for negotiation!  You always hear about these big money saving promotions and plans that come out, but are you (the existing customer) getting these deals as well?

I was spending $126 a month for my cell phone.  Now T is still on his parents plan, so he's getting a great deal still, but I on the otherhand was getting robbed!  I decided to call my phone service company and see if I could lessen the blow of this monthly bill. 

I started off my explaining to them that I felt I was paying for more than I was using, and that I was considering switching to another service provider because of it.  It never hurts to threaten that because it's their job to give you the best service out there.  I then asked them to see if my I was eligible to receive any discounts because of the firm I work for.  And lastly, I asked them to examine my coverage vs. my usage to see if another plan would suit me better. 

And sure enough, I was eligible for a 20% discount because of the company I work for AND since I rarely call land lines they put me on some sort of mobile to mobile plan that fit my situation better.  My monthly bill went from $126 to $78!  And the first month that they applied the new plan and discount, it was only $34 because of some sort of credit they applied! 

I am so happy to be saving $50 a month because of just one simple phone call, and I plan on contacting the cable company next!  I've done that once before, and they granted me a promotion that was going on, so I saved $15 a month for 3 months, but I think I can do better.  This is such an easy way to save, so give your providers a call and see what they can do for you!  And remember, threatening to go the competition always comes in handy!

I'll be sure to share other opportunities to save that I discover along the way!  Do you have any ideas for us?  Feel free to share!           

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