Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's my Thursday!

T and I are both hitting the road bright and early Thursday morning, so tomorrow is the last day of our work week.  Hallelujah.  T is heading to Seattle for a tournament, and I'm headed to Boone for some quality time with the family, rest and relaxation, and just to enjoy some free time outdoors which is next to impossible in this oven we call Raleigh.  I can't wait to breathe in the mountain air!  T was lamenting the fact that we'll both finally be in our ideal climate yet he has to travel across the country and I just have to drive a few hours.  He'll really be hating life on that Red Eye Sunday night.

Tonight I had dinner and drinks with my long lost Hillary.  It was so nice to catch up with my darling friend, and I'm so happy for her and all the new happenings in her life!  Love you sweet girl!

That's all for now!  Time for some quality time with husband and puppy.

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